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Dealine : May 29, 2015.
Scholarships and Financial Assistance
Entrance Scholarships are available to students when you apply to study at The University of Hong Kong, and are awarded on the basis of academic merits with consideration of non-academic achievement. Our entrance scholarships are made possible by generous donations from various foundations and donors for different kinds of applicants. A number of scholarships schemes, including the “Vietnam Van Thinh Phat Scholarships”, have been set up to support students from different regions who are applying for undergraduate admissions to HKU.
Besides entrance scholarships, HKU also provides other types of scholarships for current students, please click here for details.
HKU Entrance Scholarship
Apply Online Now! Before you apply for the entrance scholarship, you must complete the undergraduate application first (please click to find out how). You may then complete the Entrance Scholarship application by login…/servlet/njp_register/get_login… the application account again.
Eligibility : Local and Non-Local students applying for undergraduate studies on the strength of International Qualifications via the International/Non-JUPAS admissions scheme
What can it cover? Scholarship awards can be used towards:
1. Tuition Fee
2. Accommodation
3. Personal expenses
Amount : Up to full tuition fee waiver plus personal / living expenses
Conditions of Award Scholarships are renewable each academic year, subject to academic requirements stipulated in the award, for the duration of the degree programme
Results : Scholarship awards are announced along with the offer of admission
For other information about entrance scholarships and information, please feel free to contact us at
Financial Assistance
Non-Local students
- Like most countries, the HKSAR government does not provide financial aid to non-local students. However, thanks to the HK Government’s support for the development of Hong Kong as an educational hub for students from around the world, HKU tuition fees are very low by international standards
- Non-local students can undertake part-time work on campus during the semester, and can work during their summer vacation in the city
- Graduates may take up full-time employment upon finishing their studies at HKU
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